Notice : Hydro lines and ice falling

 In All villages, Chevery, Harrington Harbour, Kegaska, La Romaine, Tête-à-la-Baleine


TÉL: (418) 787-2244



Chevery, March 14, 2022




Notice to the population / Avis a à la population



With the exceptional amount of snow and drift banks this winter, the Municipality would like to remind the population to please exercise caution when circulating on snowmobile near powerlines. Please watch out for wires  and poles hidden by high snow banks, please look out for sagging powerlines caused by fallen trees, branches and ice build-up on lines. Avoid high snowbanks & drifts that are dangerously close to overhead power lines.


If there are power lines or other electrical equipment near a snowbank, keep children from playing in these areas.


Please remember that ice can accumulate on different surfaces such as the roof of a residential or commercial building, trees and powerlines. While ice falling long distances can be fatal, ice doesn’t have to fall from tall structures in order to cause damage. Icicles detaching from two-storey homes or lower levels of a multi-storey apartment or office buildings can often be enough to cause lacerations, head injuries, broken bones, and even death in rare cases. In addition, dripping water from melting icicles may pool on the ground below and refreeze, creating a serious slip-and-fall hazard.


Have a safe and enjoyable Spring!



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